STEX [ ADB ] is an Advanced System Design Bureau - that specializes in Designing Advanced, Innovative & Sophisticated [ A - Z ] Technology based Solutions, for Industry Enterprise systems, Government Systems & Public Citizen Systems. STEX [ ADB ] has solved the World's Toughest Problems using Specialized & Advanced AXF Techniks. AXF Techniks are based on Advanced Systems Engineering, Innovative Ultrascalable System Design, Spatial Systems Architecture & Fluid Work Flow and Data Flow Systems.

STEX [ ADB ] Enterprise Highlights

  • # IPR Assets comparable to Multiple Fortune 500 Companies combined.
  • # 15+ Extremely High Impact Projects Covering [ A - Z ] Solutions for the Industry and Public Citizens.
  • # STEXADB's Flag ship System is called the STEX Network - [ ].
    1. The STEX Network is designed to provide High Quality Organized Information Flow to Enterprises and Public Citizens for Enterprise/Public Ecosystem Efficiency.
    2. The Intelligent Information Network Reduces Marketing and Event Promotions Expenses to Near Zero.
    3. The STEX Network Introduces a Fundamentally New Communication Technique in place of Email Communications , breaking down Communication Barriers.
    4. The STEX Network Introduces a Fundmentally New Secure Technique of QueueFree QR Code based Payment solution for Retailing/ Money Transfer/Bill Payments/Ticket Booking/Cash On delivery - without the Hassels of Filling in Credit Card Details online at Multiple Websites Sites or even exposing one's credit card Number and code.
    5. The STEX Network Introduces an Advanced Cash Flow System Built into the Network that operates as a Single World Integrated Economic Currency - WEC. The Currency is used for Propagating Information on the Network, availing Services on the Network and finally facilitating Cash Transfers between Network Members.
    6. The STEX Network introduces an Innovative Group Buying Service called the STEX Passport Plus [+] Services. It Features Schemes such as Cashless Medical Reimbursements / Life Insurance Reimbursements for STEX Network Members at Hospitals. It also Features Interesting Free Deals like Free Movies / Music / Software Games / Merchandise / Air Ticket Vouchers /Hotel Vouchers.
    7. The STEX Network Introduces Innovative Low Cost Utility Technology Services for Public and Industry Use.
    8. The STEX Network Targets Virtually Every Small/Mid Sized Business and Public Citizen in every Town, City, Country on this Planet. [ Futuristic Estimates are - 1 Million to 1 Billion - Distinct Users ]
    9. The STEX Networks Information/Data BackBone is the Foundation Basis for Industry Intelligence & Advanced Artificial Intelligence, depicted in films like IROBOT.
    10. The STEX Network is based on High Impact Advanced Intelligent Design Architecture Techniques, to facilitate Fluid Information Flow and Transactions on the Network.
    11. The STEX Network has a Highly Attractive Net CashFlow Generation Model with very high earnings potential and near negligible Investments.[ Potential Earnings Scale - 10 Million $/Year at 1 Million Users. 15 Billion $/Per Year at 1 Billion Users. ].
  • # Attractive Commercial Membership Schemes for Professionals and Institutions, with attractive CashFlow Sharing Schematics.
  • # Highly Sophisticated, Hi-Tech/HighEnd, High Quality Work Engagements and a Sophisticated Project portfolio with Perennial WorkFlow for Technology Partners.

The CORE FOUNDATION is based on the Following Specialization and Technik's, Developed inhouse by STEX [ ADB ].

  • Motion Picture & Visual Systems
  • 4 Dimensional Spatial Cinematic Systems Design.
  • Spatial Information Projections
  • Object Thinking & Design
  • Intelligent Design
  • Free Scaling Systems Design
  • Fractal Engineering
  • Advanced Systems Engineering
  • String Theory and Numbers
  • Textures and Chromatics
  • Machine Logic & Artificial Intelligence.