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Enterprise Flux - Advanced Enterprise Control System [ A Preview ].

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Enterprise Flux is an Advanced Enterprise Control System, also called an Enterprise Nervous System or an Enterprise Operating System. It is a Next Generation System that Introduces the Concept of a Totally Managed, Automated and Programmed Enterprise – based on the principles of Advanced Enterprise Architecture, Spatial Systems Engineering, Super Fractal Engineering, Enterprise Collaboration, Collective Vision, Pervasive Information, Unified Communication and Collective Enterprise Responsibility. It is Domain neutral, therefore it fits into any enterprise in any domain and allows effective & Intelligent Enterprise Governance. It is designed to work with Enterprises having remote divisions Remote site projects & Transnational Operations. It facilitates Measuring, Monitoring and Managing an Entire Enterprise from One Single DashBoard. It connects People Process and Product across the Enterprise, makes Enterprise Information Pervasive and creates a [ Fluid & Focussed ] Engineered Enterprise System. It is also designed to offer Artifical Intelligence Assistance [ Advanced Interactive Intelligence - A program designed to Collect Enterprise Data, Think and Provide Strategic/Intelligent Supervisory Insights and Guidance ].

What is the Working Principle and Foundation for Building an Advanced Enterprise Control System ?

The Architecture and Foundation is based on Scalable & Domain Neutral Systems Engineering Principles and Spatial Information Projection Techniques . Note: Enterprise Flux is similar in working principle to SCADA [ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems ] and works at a Abstraction layer above traditional Enterprise Process systems like ERP software and IT systems. In anology Windows and Unix systems run the Computer Hardware system, while Enterprise Flux runs Enterprise Systems. Note: Enterprise Flux Is Domain Neutral, therefore it can be used to Monitor and Manage Diverse types of Processes ranging from Factory Manufacturing, Building Construction to Fleet Management Delivery Status.

Enterprise Flux Systems may Collect Enterprise Process and Supervisory Control Data from Users through traditional computing Terminals or even Handheld Microcomputers like the STEX pad. [ STEX Pad are Connected devices and can be usd with ease at Remote Locations ].

Enterprise Flux Sub Systems

  • Enterprise Advanced Interactive Intelligence - The Enterprise Flux system has Advanced Interactive Machine Intelligence extensions [ Subsubsystems ], that has the ability to "Artificially Think" and assist in enterprise governance.
  • Enterprise Retail Flux - Next Generation Retail Solutions.
  • Enterprise Warehousing & Fulfilment systems - Next Generation Warehousing and Supply Chain Solutions. [ A Digital Frontier ].
  • Enterprise Flux DataCube - Precision Analytics to Reveal Data Dimensions, Combination of Dimensions, Patterns & Exceptional Patterns. [ This Data may be Integrated with Reality Synthesis Techniques to build Sophisticated Analytics & Presentation Systems ].

Note:Enterprise Flux would be available as Standalone Server based systems for Large Enterprises and as Cloud Based Systems for small and Medium Enterprises.

The STEX - Enterprise Flux [ Core ] System

The STEX - Enterprise Flux [ Cash Flow ] System

The STEX - Enterprise Flux [ Fullfilment ] System